Welcome To Willow Boutique!

Welcome to the Willow Boutique family! Here at Willow we have changed the way you shop!

Our #1 priority is giving you an EXPERIENCE you won’t forget.We LOVE to make you feel amazing and offer clothes you feel amazing in! We know there are many places to shop so we have changed a transaction into an experience and a delivery into the best day ever!

Willow Boutique began in November of 2020, located in Northern KY and is owned by yours truly - Chelsea Hindman, a full time nurse and dog momma who loves shopping and all things busy. I have turned a passion for clothes into a group of women who can enjoy shopping along with a group who supports, encourages, and uplifts each other while having FUN. The name Willow came from my perfect little dachshund doggo Willow (aka Willie).

Willow became an idea when I started shopping at boutiques after graduating nursing school and would pick up a super cute item and immediately put it back down after seeing the price tag. I would become disappointed because I couldn’t afford it. Couldn’t there be a small business I could support, get cute, good quality clothes, and not break the bank? So, I decided to take on a new chapter in life to provide an affordable, high quality shopping experience that was unlike any other while still working as a full time nurse.

We at Willow Boutique are so thankful for our customers and consider every single customer a FRIEND. We see every single transaction, like, comment, and share. We remember your names and notice the countless support from our shoppers. We work VERY hard to make sure your experience is PERFECT. YOU are our priority.

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