Do points expire?
Points expire 6 months from your last purchase.
Are points earned from purchases placed with gift cards?
Points are only earned for every $1 spent, excluding coupons and gift cards.

Are points earned from purchases through the Willow Boutique app?
Yes, points are earned on every dollar spent through the app, but you can only redeem rewards through the site.
Are points earned from leaving reviews on the site?
No, points are only earned for reviews left from the veried purchase follow-up email.

If rewards are redeemed does it change or effect tier placement?
Tiers are determined by the number of dollars spent in a rolling year since the program launch date. Redeeming rewards does not aect tier placement.
What happens if I change my email?
Changing your email will result in creating a new Willow Boutique account. Your previous account can have past purchases transferred, and your tier will reset.

Terms and conditions

Points are not given for shipping costs & are not redeemable on shipping costs. Rewards are not valid on Sale and non-coupon eligible items. Coupon codes cannot be combined when redeeming reward points.

Email: info@willowchicclothing.com with questions or for more information.